Medical Hand Scrub 500 ml

Medical Hand Scrub 500 ml

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醫療級殺菌洗手液 500ml 

英國Bioguard擁有超過20年經驗於有關傳染病控制及衛生清潔用品,主要提供大小醫療機構,健康中心,診所,醫院級聖約翰救傷隊(St John Ambulance)。

  • 英國製造
  • 醫療級消毒產品,通過英國及歐盟認證如:
    EN14476,EN 1276,EN13704,EN1500,EN1650,EN 12054,EN13727,EN14476
  • 無害,無毒,並已通過MEA測試,以確保安全使用
  • 研究顯示Bioguard產品有效對抗病毒包括:(冠狀病毒及包膜病毒)
  • 有效消除及防止99.9%的細菌和病毒,更通過了孢子測試
  • 不含酒精, PH 值為中性,對皮膚非常溫和,敏感皮膚可用
  • 要沖洗
  • 生物降解(對環境無傷害)

Scientifically proven protection, trusted by healthcare professionals. Powered by biogchem, made in UK.

To use :

  • Rinse off with water


  • Independently tested to the highest British and European standards (EN1276, AFNOR, EN14476, EN12504, EN13727). 
  • Product is non-hazardous and non-toxic and has been MEA tested to ensure it is safe to use.
  • Effective against 1000's of viruses, 99.9% of bacteria, mycobacterium and spores
  • pH neutral, dermatologically tested, Alcohol free, so won't damage surfaces or irritate skin
  • Conforms to the latest health and safety legislation.
  • Effective in under 30 seconds and long lasting residual efficacy
  • Approx 347 hand washes
  • Contains cosmetic-grade plant-based ingredients that assist in replacing the skin oils and lipids, enhancing skin condition and moisture.
  • The professionals’ choice since the early 1990s; widely used in clinical facilities, including mortuaries and testing labs.