DC Comics Superman Comic Cover 500 Piece Puzzle
Aquarius Puzzles

DC Comics Superman Comic Cover 500 Piece Puzzle

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This 500 piece puzzle is sure to capture the hearts and minds of all the trusty fans of The Man of Steel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the challenge, all while piecing together this classic Superman comic cover from the monumental Action Comics series.

Aquarius Puzzles boast some of the most exciting images from the world‘s leading licencors and brands, offering high quality, original and recognisable puzzles for any age to enjoy! Fun, exciting and whimsical, Aquarius brand puzzles specialise in pop culture imagery from album covers, poster art and classic cartoons or TV. Aquarius also has a great selection of other specialty items with pop culture references and gems perfect for collectors, children and adults alike.


  • Puzzling develops logical thinking & problem-solving skills, & concentration.
  • Aquarius puzzles are designed to be a fun experience in vibrant pop-culture designs.
  • This 100% officially licensed jigsaw is great for fans & puzzlers alike this puzzle!
  • Finished Size: 35cm x 48cm
  • Age Range: 14+