Solid Cologne Blend - 246 Pioneer

Solid Cologne Blend - 246 Pioneer

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Solid Cologne for men made from natural beeswax, jojoba oil, organic Shea Butter and fragrance. 7cm diameter is ideal for the gym bag, office, car, carry-on luggage. Smell and feel amazing anywhere, any time. Rub your finger on the wax and apply to pulse points such as neck, wrists & behind ears. 


246 Pioneer- A powerful, sexy masculine fragrance with sharp notes of bergamot & cedarwood and blended with mandarin, rosewood, patchouli, musk and tobacco.

(佛手柑、橘子、玫瑰木、 廣藿香、麝香、煙草)

*氣味較濃 *適用於成熟男子、隆重場合使用

Handmade in Melbourne Australia. 

All L’ASCARI products contain

  • No parabens
  • No sodium laurel sulphates
  • No alcohol
  • No mineral oils and silicones
  • No synthetic colourants
  • No aluminium chlorates
  • No testing on animals

Dimensions: 7 cm diameter/ 35g 1.23oz 

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