Provence (Single Test Tube)
Provence (Single Test Tube)
Provence (Single Test Tube)
Provence (Single Test Tube)
The Tea Nomad

Provence (Single Test Tube)

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This romantic blend has been handcrafted to transport you to the intoxicating lavender and sunflower fields of Provence. A rich blend of Sri Lankan and Chinese black teas mingle with dried lavender flowers, pink rose and sunflower petals; their perfume further heightened with a hint of bergamot to recreate that heady summer fling in the south of France.

The Tea Nomad's Provence is luxurious experience for the senses, and can be enjoyed cold brewed, or hot ( with a drop of milk if desired.)


Black Tea Blend (Keemun/ Kenilworth), Lavender flowers, Pink Rose Petals, Organic Sunflower Petals, Natural Bergamot Essence
( 祁門紅茶 + 薰衣草花香 + 粉紅玫瑰花瓣 + 有機向日葵花瓣 + 天然佛手柑精華 )

Hot brew: 
Add 150ml of freshly boiled water to 1 teaspoon of tea (per tea cup) , and steep for 2 min.
If desired, add milk to taste (brew tea for 2.5-3 min. if adding milk or for a stronger brew).

Cold brew: 
Add 1 heaped teaspoon of tea per 250ml (1 Cup, or regular sized mug) of cold, filtered water.*
Refrigerate 4+ hours (ideally overnight). 


​Tea should always be stored in airtight containers in a cool, dry and dark place. Teas in our glass test tubes are designed to be enjoyed as soon as possible, ideally within three months of purchase.

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