Honey, Lemon & Bergamot Hand Cream 100gm
Apiary Made

Honey, Lemon & Bergamot Hand Cream 100gm

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A delicious hand cream filled with the restorative and protective benefits of Jelly Bush Honey, including anti-oxidants and humectant properties.

Combined with organic aloe vera, cocoa butter and sweet almond oil, these intensely hydrating botanicals will nourish dry skin, while the sweet aroma of lemon lifts the senses.

100% Natural, Made in Australia


Skincare with Jelly Bush Honey 20+

Jelly Bush Honey gets its name from the thick gel appearance, collected from the flowers of Leptospermum shrubs. Scientifically proven to help aid in medicinal purposes, digestive health, would and oral care, Jelly Bush Honey contains high levels of anti-oxidants, hydrogen peroxide releasing enzymes, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Recognised as the highest strength medicinal honey in the world, Jelly Bush Honey is great for your general health, immunity and vitality. Our Jelly Bush Honey is independently tested and certified as active Jelly Bush Honey, containing benefits to the skin that no other ingredient can offer.

Incorporating the highest activity level of Jelly Bush honey, 20+ (820 MGO), Apiary Made’s unique skincare range will heal, nourish, rejuvenate and protective any skin type.

  • Highly anti-oxidant. Fantastic for neutralising the oxidation process caused by free radicals and toxins which we are exposed to throughout the day, assisting to slow the aging process of the skin.
  • Anti-bacterial. Jelly Bush is astonishingly effective in healing and assisting to reduce bacterial build up, cleansing the skin and keeping it clear from acne and blemishes.
  • Anti-inflammatory. Known to reduce inflammation such as the inflammation caused by eczema and psoriasis.
  • Humectant. Jelly Bush honey assists to attract moisture to the skin, reducing the amount of moisture lost and keeping the skin hydrated for longer.
  • Luxurious and nourishing, 100% natural, absolutely no nasties, fabulous for all skin types and particularly good for sensitive or troubled skin.

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